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Regularly updating your TYPO3 website is essential not only for search security reasons. Every new TYPO3 LTS version is faster, better and more user-friendly than the version before. But when is the right time for a TYPO3 upgrade? And what does it cost? Get answers to common questions here.

If your TYPO3 version has already reached the end of its life cycle: as soon as possible! Only with a current TYPO3 version you will get regular security updates.

(By the way, it is no use for you that the TYPO3 team publishes the security updates. The updates must also be installed in your system. Ask me, I am happy to .)

If your current system still receives security updates, it depends on the circumstances. If the new TYPO3 version is still relatively young, it may be that some third-party extensions have not yet been adapted to the new version. In this case, it may well be worth waiting a little longer before upgrading.

If, on the other hand, the extensions you use are already available in a current version, or if you use your own extensions that need to be adapted to the new TYPO3 version anyway, then you should tackle the upgrade sooner rather than later. Because as said: every new version is better than the previous one!

An overview of how long which TYPO3 version is supported can be found in the official TYPO3 Development Roadmap.


In the early years of TYPO3, the developers placed great emphasis on backwards compatibility: each new version of the CMS should also work with earlier implementations without major changes. This was good when it came to upgrades, but also ensured that TYPO3 carried around more and more legacy issues and lost touch with more modern competitors for a few years.

This has changed dramatically. For some years now, the core developers of TYPO3 have been implementing modern developments in software engineering and implementing the PHP standard recommendations of the Framwork Interoperability Group very consistently. For this reason, TYPO3 is today one of the most modern, secure - and, yes: also fastest - content management systems on the market. And every new version is better than the previous one.

The downside of this development is that version upgrades often require implementation changes as well. Many adjustments can be made automatically via the Upgrade Wizard in the Install Tool. But this only works from one major version to the next.

So there is not much point in skipping one or more TYPO3 versions to save upgrade costs. These costs are incurred in any case, just not gradually, but later and all at once.

There is no general answer to this question. The cost of a TYPO3 upgrade depends on many factors:

  • Is this an upgrade from one major version to the next, or are multiple versions being skipped?
  • Are the used third-party extensions available in a version that matches the current TYPO3 version?
  • If no: Are there alternatives that can be used instead? Is the changeover time-consuming? Is it necessary to migrate data? Do you have to program your own solution?
  • Are own extensions to be updated? If yes: to what extent?

Depending on how these questions are answered, the effort for a TYPO3 upgrade can range from a few hours to several days (or longer). Die Aufwände sind nicht zu kalkulieren, ohne einen Blick in das betreffende System zu werfen. Für das Upgrade mache ich Ihnen deshalb gern einen Kostenvoranschlag. Please use the contact form to get in touch.

(For the quote I need administrative system access, for TYPO3 versions from v9 with maintainer rights. In any case, please include the URL of the website in question in your message. I will then send you a signed non-disclosure agreement and password exchange information).

TYPO3 GmbH offers a paid "Extended Long Term Support" (ELTS) version of TYPO3, which allows you to extend the lifecycle of a conventional LTS version by an additional 3 years. The disadvantage: The ELTS version is relatively expensive, and it doesn't save you from having to catch up on missed upgrades at some point. 

For this reason, I recommend TYPO3 ELTS only for customers who are planning major changes to their website anyway, for example a relaunch, and want to bridge the time until it goes online in a safe way.

By the way, there are hosting providers who also offer TYPO3 ELTS free of charge to their customers. Ask me!